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5 Tips for Organising Your Work Life

January 17, 2017 | Financial Saviour

So..we reach that time again, back to work after the Christmas holidays and your sat at your desk trying to be as productive as can be but somethings just not right. You’ can’t seem to focus on one task, there is too much to catch up on and you’ve lost your pre-Christmas flow.

Don’t worry this happens to all humans, in fact we are notoriously poor multitasks, this is why its crucial you manage your time effectively. If you can keep your days and weeks organised your productivity will soar and more importantly you will be stress free and happy!

With this in mind we decided to put together a list of our top 5 tops for Organising Your Work Life better, we hope they help.


1. Start the day with a little “me time”

Having coffee in front of computer

Grab a morning coffee sit yourself down in your favourite seat and start your day by clearing some simple tasks, you’d be surprised by how much this one works and how simple it is to achieve. Reply to any emails that have built up, clear any social media notifications and fly through with quick responses, this is the perfect way to start your day with a clean slate. This then allows you to schedule in the meaty tasks for later in the day, knowing exactly what you’ve got to get done today and what time for is usually half of the problem.

2. Switch off popup notifications

woman with notifications screen on phone in the park

Now that you’ve cleared your day for the big tasks don’t let yourself become distracted with more chores. The constant buzzing and pinging of the dreaded push notification causes such a distraction to your day and hem-merges your productivity. Try to limit checking your email as much as possible and only keep yourself open to the important information you need to complete your work, everything else can be sorted through in tomorrows “me time”.

3. Cut down large tasks into smaller pieces

Young business woman hand with pencil writing on notebook. Woman

We see this problem at lot and people don’t always know it’s a problem, overloading. When trying to be productive we try to take on as many tasks as possible and suddenly find your procrastinating and stuck on the same one, then the frustration sets in and now your productive day is in jeopardy. The best way to combat this is to pick the most important tasks that you need to complete today, the biggest, bulkiest work that is going to make the biggest impact on your objectives, then break it down into smaller pieces. Some tasks are so large they are actually made up of lots and lots of little tasks. Chopping these big tasks down into smaller manageable chunks we are able to constantly progress and have a feeling of accomplishment, all of this while giving each part of the task the dedication it needs. Try it, you’ll thank us.

4. Use your commute time wisely

Young Woman Using Smart Phone in London Tube

Instead of mindlessly scrolling through Facebook or obsessively crushing that final piece of candy, use your commute time to get in those extra few hours in the morning or tidy up your lose ends at night. Granted you’re not going to get stuck into a 6 page spreadsheet or have the concentration level to work your way through some of those chunky tasks but it does provide you the perfect time to check in with your colleagues, organise meetings plan your workload. I can have my meetings planned, know that Suzie from accounts needs the final figures by 2pm and responded to my clients with an update of the work progress all by the time I reach the office front door. Now that’s getting ahead.

5. Plan regularĀ breaks

Businesswoman taking a break from work outdoors

It’s not productive to work yourself into the ground, everyone needs to time to recharge the battery and everyone needs short breaks during the day to get away from their desk and let their mind wonder for a moment. As soon as you become too tired, you start to lose your focus, it then becomes a struggle to finish typing the sentence and you can feel your enthusiasm for the work depleting. By making your breaks part of your working routine means that by taking a break your actually being extremely productive, now isn’t that a nice thought. When you have a chance to rest your mind has time to organise its priorities and focus on whats important.

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