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2016 christmas gift ideas for any business tycoon

December 20, 2016 | Financial Saviour

As we approach that time of year once again the question on everyone’s mind is, what do I get them!? It’s always a difficult task picking those precious gifts, as we try to match the receiver’s personality perfectly. What about the man/women who has it all, they are business minded, they get what they set out to and have every tool/technique loaded and ready in their arsenal.

You might also find yourself looking at the calendar with the days ticking by quickly in the build up to Christmas and need a little help. Well that’s why we decided to put together our top 5 gifts for the business minded person in your life.

1. iPad Pro


That’s right, we started big….but if you had to keep track of meetings, take notes, receive and send emails, scheduling work, contact colleagues and the occasional game of angry birds when no one is looking, from either in the office, home or out on location then the iPad Pro would be the perfect gift for you. This little tablet of tools will allow the tycoon in your life to hit optimal performance. All the tools they need, in one place and portable enough to carry around on the go, what more could you ask for?


2. LinkedIn Premium


Certain websites, online tools and social media platforms require some form of sign up and payment in order for users to access all of the features that they offer. In this instance, an annual subscription is invaluable. Linkedin premium offers insights into the unknown business world, great for lead generation and networking with key industry influencer’s.

This is especially beneficial if the fee works out cheaper over 12 months than a shorter period, as would be expected from certain deals. If it’s a tool that the business has trialled with success, it may be worth taking out an annual subscription this Christmas.

3. Business Cards


Ensure they are always prepared with their very own personalised business cards, nothing screams professionalism like preparation. Perfect for networking events and conferences this simple yet effective self-promotion has stood the test against time as a crucial lead generator.

Although business cards have been around for a long time, business men and women around the world are coming up with new ways to stand out and impress. Gone are the days of a simple white card with your company name embossed on the back. Neon, perspex and even LED business cards are now easily available to ensure you make a lasting impression and flaunt your creative style.

4. Spotify Premium


Who doesn’t need time to unwind, reflex and be inspired by their favourite tunes. It goes without saying from world champion athletes to business tycoons music plays a huge part in inpsiring dreams and replenishing our souls in which our emotions and instincts can flourish.

A famous quote from one most respected men in the business world, Sir Richard Branson once said, “Engage your emotions at work. Your instincts and emotions are there to help you”. Spotify has fastly become the most popular music streaming service available, not only does it allow you to search and playlist all your favourite artists but it intelligently makes new suggestion based on your listening habits. So you’ll never be without new inspiration.

5.  Male Grooming Kit


With meetings, location scouts, conferences, and networking events happening all around the world, a little travelling is to be expected for any business mogul. Late nights, long travelling hours and restless nights trying to catch a few hours on the plane can take its toll on your appearance. What better way to stay fresh and clean than having your trusty male grooming kit at hand when you get to your hotel.

Light weight and compact with everything you need these little bags of beauty are easy to transport and keep in your hand luggage. As they say, appearance is everything. Many male grooming kits come with different utensils each one designed to beautify you in a different way, some popular designer brands also have their own range of male grooming kits. Tom Ford, Diesel and Ted Baker to name a few all sell top of range designer male grooming kits, now you can improve your style with style.

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