Accelerated Payment support from Financial Saviour

What you need to do

  • Do not delay a second longer – you have just 90 days to pay the amount stated in the Accelerated Payment Notification.

  • Seek qualified Accelerated Payment support and advice from tax dispute specialists.
  • Pursue the case with HMRC if you feel you have legitimate grounds for a tax rebate.

  • Contact HMRC immediately if you wish to settle an avoidance issue.

  • For complete confidence & a fast response, fill out our enquiry form to take the first important step.

How can we help?

The rules and regulations involving tax payments and tax disputes are complicated enough without constantly keeping up to date with changes that could unknowingly catch you out. That’s why Financial Saviour are here to provide you with Accelerated Payment support and ensure you never risk losing anything that you are entitled to.

Every member of the team at Financial Saviour understands that, as an individual or a business, you simply do not have the time to immerse yourself with the ins and outs of Advanced Payments Notifications, so we are here to break it down for you.

Under the new rules of Accelerated Payment Notifications, HMRC can tax you a certain amount upfront which, if disputed, will be held by HMRC until the dispute is resolved. This is in sharp contrast to the previous system whereby you, the taxpayer, would keep the disputed amount until an outcome is reached.

Financial Saviour will step in if you feel that you have a legitimate claim for a tax rebate. We have a strong reputation for providing leading advice and we will weigh up the facts to support you in helping you claim back the money that you deserve.

Pursuing a case with HMRC is often a long and drawn-out procedure, but you don’t need to worry. Financial Saviour are there to support you throughout the entire process if needs be, working to ensure a successful outcome for you or your business. Accelerated Payment support is just a short enquiry away.

What can you do?

As difficult as it may sound, the most important thing you can do having received an Accelerated Payment Notification, and made a subsequent tax payment, is not to panic or rush to make any impulse decisions. Consult an expert firm in the field like Financial Saviour to help you.

You need to be clear and concise when informing us of your situation. We need to be aware of how much HMRC has taxed you for with an Advanced Payment Notification and how much of this you feel that you are entitled to.

Don’t worry if you are unsure of how much you feel that you can claim back. This is where our team will use all their knowledge and experience of tax issues to determine a reasonable tax rebate that you are legitimately entitled to, based on what you tell us about your Accelerated Payment Notification when filling out our enquiry form.

In some cases, settlements can be made before a tax dispute reaches litigation and Financial Saviour will work collaboratively with you and HMRC to come to an agreement. These working relationships are paramount to our past success in helping individuals and businesses alike emerge unscathed from difficult situations.

We are experts in financial advice for Accelerated Payment Notice.

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