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5 Tips for Organising Your Work Life

January 17, 2017|By Financial Saviour

So..we reach that time again, back to work after the Christmas holidays and your sat at your desk trying to be as productive as can be but somethings just not right. You’ can’t seem to focus on one task, there is too much to catch up on and you’ve lost your pre-Christmas flow.

Don’t worry this happens to all humans,…

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2016 christmas gift ideas for any business tycoon

December 20, 2016|By Financial Saviour

As we approach that time of year once again the question on everyone’s mind is, what do I get them!? It’s always a difficult task picking those precious gifts, as we try to match the receiver’s personality perfectly. What about the man/women who has it all, they are business minded, they get what they set out to and have…

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5 tips to cut the costs and save your new business money

November 28, 2016|By Financial Saviour

The first couple of years for any new business is extremely difficult, its that time we decide if it’s everything you thought it would be, we decide if we’ve got what it takes and we decide how we are going to save some of our hard earned cash!

Businesses love to eat up cash, as much as they can get,…

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Tax evasion, Tax avoidance, what is the difference?

October 4, 2016|By Financial Saviour

You will probably have heard a lot of people talking about Tax evasion and tax avoidance, but what is the difference between the two?
Well its very important we understand the difference because failing to could have seriously severe consequences. Recently I have had a lot of enquiries from people asking me this very questions so we decided to put…

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