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5 Ways you can fund your business

July 5, 2016|By Financial Saviour

Money, money money……it’s always money. Whether you are trying to fund your very first business or looking to expand too accommodate for more employees, you share the same problem. Were are we going to get the money from? Unfortunately its the gap that can seem to grow increasingly larger at times that stops so many young visionaries become the next…

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10 Items You May Be Able To Deduct From Your Taxes

May 17, 2016|By Financial Saviour

Do you ever feel like your always paying out of your wage in and endless cycle of transactions. Whether its for personal expenses or business expenses, there are always expenses! It’s hard to save any sort of finance when your on an endless treadmill of payments. Then the financial year comes to end and its time sit down and look…

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What is a tax avoidance scheme?

April 10, 2016|By Financial Saviour

Paying into a tax avoidance scheme is by no means against the law, but there is a very fine line between legitimate tax avoidance schemes and those that blatantly exist to cheat the system.

In the UK, the vast majority of taxpayers pay tax when it is due without attempting to exploit the system by avoiding required payments. However, there…

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INFOGRAPHIC – Which countries have the highest income tax rates?

March 18, 2016|By Financial Saviour

The continuing hot topic we can never escape from – income tax! Tax rates vary dramatically from country to country and each household has a different situation from the last, but what if we took the same situation to in different countries around the world. Who would end up paying the highest tax?

With the information from, based on a single person…

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