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Brighton brings in Jamie’s sugar tax

October 15, 2015|By Financial Saviour

In the latest development surrounding the proposed sugar tax in the UK, it was announced at the start of last week that Brighton is officially the first British city to adopt this tax.

Last month, Financial Saviour documented the rapid rise of the sugar tax campaign by TV chef Jamie Oliver as a method of preventing children from…

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UK Government crushes sugar tax dream, but it is not over yet.

September 28, 2015|By Financial Saviour

What a difference a week makes. On Friday 18th September, 140,000 individuals plus a well-known TV chef were eagerly awaiting a response from the UK Government to a petition that began online just under a month ago. Little did they know, however, the collective mood would be slightly more hushed as the campaign entered its fourth week.

The TV chef in…

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Get clued up on tax evasion

August 27, 2015|By Financial Saviour

If you looked up the word evade in a thesaurus, avoid would be the first word to greet you underneath, not just alphabetically, but because it’s the most relevant synonym as well. So does this mean there is no difference between tax avoidance and tax evasion? Unfortunately, no.

We saw in our…

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Get clued up on tax avoidance

August 12, 2015|By Financial Saviour

If you asked a group of people about tax avoidance, there’s a good chance that a majority of the responses you’d hear are that it’s illegal, or cheating the system. Avoiding tax does sound like the kind of action that is indeed against the law, but the truth is simply this – it isn’t.

It does make sense though, that…

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