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What is the impact of APNs?

May 20, 2015|By Financial Saviour

The message from HMRC in July 2014 regarding their brand new system of Accelerated Payment Notifications was loud and clear; if you’re a taxpayer gaining a significant tax advantage from an avoidance scheme, we will be clamping down on you. Now, almost a year on, we’ll briefly explore the impact of these APNs.

The new regulations state that users of…

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How do tax avoidance schemes give users a tax advantage?

May 6, 2015|By Financial Saviour

Tax avoidance is a very misconstrued topic, mainly because many people don’t realise that avoiding tax is actually perfectly legal and legitimate – it is tax evasion that will land you in hot water, not tax avoidance. Therefore, how does a tax avoidance scheme help you?

The short answer is that money…

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Key tax changes made by HMRC

April 22, 2015|By Financial Saviour

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) have made many changes to tax regulations in the UK since they took over from the dissolved Inland Revenue in 2005, but how do the latest changes with Accelerated Payment Notifications impact on you?

Essentially, it’s all part of a huge clampdown on users of tax avoidance…

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What is the role of HMRC?

March 25, 2015|By Financial Saviour

Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs, commonly known as the abbreviated HMRC, is a non-ministerial department of the UK Government responsible for tax and customs authority.

Established as a replacement for Inland Revenue which you may very well have come across in either work or your personal life before, HMRC continued with the taxation duties of Inland Revenue immediately following their…

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