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What is a tax rebate?

March 11, 2015 | Financial Saviour

A tax rebate is essentially another term for a tax refund. This occurs when the tax owed equates to less than the tax that was paid so, quite simply, if you have paid too much tax than you should have done.

The taxpayer is, therefore, legally entitled to a refund, or rebate, from the department responsible for tax authority; HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) in the UK for instance.

There are cases where HMRC will automatically send you a rebate when you’ve paid too much tax, but this may fall into the hands of an employer if you’ve paid too much tax upon starting a new job, or the responsibility of your pension provider if too much has been on a pension.

If you don’t receive an automatic tax rebate and believe you have overpaid tax in the current year or one of the previous four tax years, you can contact HMRC to explain your situation, but ensure you have all relevant details and documentation quick-to-hand.

HMRC will then assess the circumstances having spoken to you and inspected any documents you have sent to them and will either send you a tax rebate by cheque or inform you as to why a tax rebate will not by rewarded in this instance.

Successful tax rebate claims are usually resolved and repaid by HMRC within two weeks but can take longer if the claim was made online or by post.

For those claims that are unsuccessful, however, HMRC will instruct the taxpayer if they can appeal the decision and this must be responded to within 30 days unless stated otherwise. It’s worth noting too that if you appeal a tax decision you face the likelihood of paying your own costs.

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